About Us

About Us

About Bass Pet Resort & Spa

Bass Pet Resort is an award-winning pet care facility located on a 5-acre facility in Kissimmee, FL. We are a licensed and approved BBB business committed to meeting high standards of care for our guests. We strive to enhance the lives of dogs and pet parents through an uncompromising commitment to quality services, products, and education. Our mission at Bass Pet Resort & Spa is to accommodate your pet in any and every way to make their visit with us loving, enriching, and caring.

Bass Pet has been in the Kissimmee community since 1970. Founder Patti moved the facility to a brand-new building in 2009 and sold the old center to Give Kids the World Village. Bass Pet became a part of the Destination Pet Family in 2019. Destination Pet offers added resources to Bass Pet Resort & Spa to provide benefits, new services, and enhancements for the staff and beloved guests. As pet lovers themselves, they promise to do what we’ve always done: treat your furry friend like their own.

Bass Pet Resort

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Bass Pet Resort Team
Bass Pet Resort Team

Darlene – General Manager

Darlene’s human family consists of her husband, three children and her two grandsons. She also has an expansive four-legged family with a two-year-old blue Staffordshire, a two-year-old German Shepherd, and 2 twelve-year-old Pit Bulls. Between her furry children and two-legged grandchildren, the only time she has left is for her work at Bass Pet Resort & Spa! Darlene has worked in animal care for thirteen years, with nine of those years being at Bass Pet. She can always be heard raving about her job and how she could never see herself doing anything else. Taking care of our furry guests is truly her passion!

Darlene - General Manager
Rebekah - Supervisor

Rebekah – Supervisor

While Rebekah refers to Bass Pet as her home since 2017, she also has a full house with her husband, son, seven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier rescue and nine-month-old Sulcata Tortoise! Before joining the pet industry as a professional, she studied Biomedical Sciences for her undergraduate degree. This major brought her to realize that working with animals was her passion. She loves spending her days at Bass Pet treating each one of our guests as her own!

Michelle - Groomer

Michelle recently moved from San Juan Puerto Rico to Kissimmee Fl. She is a professional Dog Groomer and also a veterinary technician. When Michelle was at college pursuing a degree in vet tech, she decided to become a dog groomer too! After graduation, she worked as a vet tech, and at the same time was building a small dog grooming company for 7 years. Michelle loves what she does, and it is her priority to always make her clients feel safe and loved while they are having their spa day.

Woman with groomed doodle