Puppy Training, Socialization, & Pool Pawty

Puppy Training, Socialization, & Pool Pawty

We will be hosting a “Puppy Training, Socialization & Pool Pawty” coming this summer for younger dogs only! We will be going over basic obedience such as sit, stay, down & leash manners. This is a great event if your dog hasn’t socialized with other dogs and is looking to make some new doggy friends.

Sign-up in our lobby

When: Coming This Summer

Time: 12 – 2pm


Basic Obedience Training:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Leash Manners
  • “Come” on command


Event Information:

–          No cost at all

–          Puppies up to 1 year old

–          Puppies do not have to be spayed or neutered

–          Must have updated/current vaccinations for your pet

–          1 hour of learning basic obedience dog training

–          1 hour of playtime

–          Please drop off your pups at 11:45am if they are not lodging with us

–          Each pup will receive a goodie bag full of treats

–          This is a pet only event


*Following the event please make sure you view our Facebook page as there will be a video and pictures of your pooch who will never forget about the day they had at Bass!