Are you looking for a guilt-free place to take your dog while you are away? Forget taking your pet to stay either with a family member or a cold, dingy dog kennel that leaves your pet in a crate and inactive all day. Bring your dog to Bass Pet Resort & Spa for a fun-filled adventure that will give your furry friend some vacation memories of his or her own. You won’t need to spend days getting your pet back to normal after a stay at Bass Pet Resort & Spa. We are a high-quality, full-service pet resort, dog boarding and training center with luxurious accommodations as well as pet-owning and pet-loving caregivers who will treat your pet like family. Furthermore, our staff is committed to making sure your dog feels loved, has fun, and is safe during his or her stay with us. Don’t wait to reserve your space for the next event in your life!

We are conveniently located in the heart of Kissimmee, FL, within 10 miles of Disney World area. Our outstanding pet care facility serves pet owners in Central Florida (Kissimmee, Celebration, Orlando, and more).

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We Offer Trustworthy Dog Boarding Services

  • Voted Best Pet Boarding in Osceola County by the Osceola News Gazette
  • Recommended by leading veterinarians in the Kissimmee and Orlando areas
  • Licensed and BBB-accredited business in Central Florida
  • Highly recommended by pet parents in formal surveys and local review sites
  • Family-oriented dog boarding facility owned and operated by loving caregivers

We Provide Comfortable Accommodations

At Bass Pet Resort & Spa, we are so much more than a dog kennel. We do everything in our power to make sure our guests are as content and comfortable as possible.  We offer five-star accommodations for your furry family member including room service, maid service, soothing music and clean, comfortable, spacious climate-controlled enclosed surroundings.  We accommodate families of pets of the same species to room together. Large or small, we can accommodate them all! Would you like your dog and cat to lodge together?  We have suites to accommodate them together. Many have taken advantage of this luxury.

Additionally, we offer the following touches to make your dog feel right at home:

  • Safe, clean, private and spacious overnight accommodations complete with a lounge bed and his or her own well-maintained sleeping and outdoor patio
  • More than 10 acres of lush outdoor play areas and 5 play yards
  • Luxurious dog suites available with extra space and TVs in each suite
  • Soothing music playing 24/7 throughout our entire dog boarding facility
  • Opportunities for your dog to participate in fun doggie daycare activities, enjoy yummy treats, enjoy full-spa and dog grooming services, and much more

Please come and visit us and see for yourself what sets us apart from the other facilities in the Central Florida area.

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We Ensure Your Dog’s Safety

At Bass Pet Resort & Spa, we understand you need to ensure your furry baby is safe. That is why the safety of our dog boarding guests is our first priority. We surpass the industry’s highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and care. In fact, our safety record is what makes us one of the most recommended facilities by leading veterinarians in the Central Florida area. In addition to caretakers living on the property, we maintain the following necessary but uncommon safety features:

  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your dog’s health during his or her stay. All pets must be current on necessary vaccinations. Our Reservations Specialist will review these with you when making your reservation
  • Restricted facility access, limited only to staff members and guests
  • A secure, fenced-in facility
  • Extended staff hours to ensure proper supervision throughout your dog’s entire stay
  • Smoke and fire detection systems and more


We Protect Your Dog’s Health

We understand how important it is to leave your pets in the care of someone you can trust. That is why we hire the most caring, experienced and certified staff members to give your furry family members the personal care and attention they deserve. We are highly recommended by pet parents and leading veterinarians, because we take all of our dog boarding guests’ health seriously. To protect your dog’s health, we maintain:

  • Wellness checks and continuous monitoring of your dog throughout his or her day
  • Year round climate-controlled rooms with air handling systems for optimal health, air filtration and temperature control
  • Daily housekeeping services with strict, hospital-grade cleaning protocols and a clutter-free environment
  • Meals served three times per day, or as requested (high quality food provided or bring your own), and fresh purified water at all times
  • Three elimination breaks daily with staff monitoring intake and elimination

*You are welcome to bring a toy or bed for your pet’s stay.  Please limit the amount of belongings you bring with your pet to one toy and one bed. Additionally, please be aware, occasionally these articles may become lost or damaged.

We Value Exercise and Companionship

At Bass Pet Resort & Spa, your dog will look forward to staying with us. Take advantage of our dog boarding options to ensure your dog enjoys the optimum amount of play and exercise, balanced with periods of rest and plenty of fresh air and loving attention from our attentive staff. To meet these needs, we offer fun-filled activity packages and pampering sessions for your pet, either in groups or individually. Just give us a call or stop by to discuss your options. Don’t leave your dog alone and sad at home, waiting for a pet sitter or family member to come by again. Bring your pet to the most elite dog boarding facility in the Orlando area. We offer our dog boarding guests:

  • More than 10 acres of lush outdoor play areas and 5 play yards
  • Plenty of hugs and pats from our caring staff
  • Supervised fun playtimes and activities customized for your pet, including group play
  • Opportunities to play and socialize with other dog boarding and dog daycare guests safely, under trained staff supervision
Standard dog boarding rates start at $21.95. Call (407) 396-6031 for specials or Click Here to Schedule »

We Deliver Amenities to Expect from a Premium Pet Resort

When you bring your dog or cat to Bass Pet Resort & Spa, you get more than what you would expect from a typical dog kennel or dog boarding facility. At our premium pet resort, your furry companions can experience several amenities and services that are sure to pamper your pets and keep them stress-free until you arrive for pick-up. We’ve included some examples below.

Tender Loving Care (TLC): Each pet is assigned an Activity Director to oversee their vacation. We encourage as much contact between your pup and his or her Activity Director as possible – all designed to promote additional contact through brushing, massaging and basically loving on your furry family member while in the comfort of his or her condo or suite.

Tuck n and Story Time: A story and a special tuck in from our very affectionate staff that loves to pay special attention to your member of the family.

Play Time: Free play with our Activity Directors. Schedule a one-on-one play date between your pup and his or her Activity Director. Not only does play time give your dog more personal time with a personally assigned Activity Director, it’s also a great way to help him or her relax and enjoy a vacation.

Group Play: More exercise time for your dog in a group for up to 45 minutes. He or she will have a fantastic time meeting new friends under the close supervision of an Activity Director. We take out several vacationers at one time, ensuring safe and healthy play groups.  Each play group is designed for same size, spayed or neutered dogs. We have small and large group play sessions.

“Business” Walks: If your dog requires individual “walks” to encourage them to do his or her “business”, please order our Business Walks while they are vacationing with us. Business Walks are walks on the lead in our grassy areas. Walks are done four times a day; first thing in the morning, noon, 5 pm or 9 pm. This is also a great service if you are in the middle of potty training your puppy.

Gourmet Treats: We have a wide variety of treats – from frozen yogurt to healthy natural treats – for those pet parents who forget to bring their dog’s favorite goodies.

Call us at (407) 396-6031 to discover more perks of boarding with us!

Things to Know Before You Stay

We encourage you to stop by our pet lodging facility and visit with our staff. Get acquainted with the people who will be caring for your pet. Ask questions; take nothing for granted. Talk about safety features. Discuss frankly any qualms you may have about leaving your pet. We will appreciate your frankness and interest. As a responsible pet owner, there are other things you may attend to before bringing your pet to stay with us:

  • Make sure all immunizations are current. We require the rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccinations for dogs and the rabies and distemper vaccinations for cats.  We recommend (but do not require) the canine flu vaccination
  • Do not feed your pet for at least 4 hours prior to bringing in your pet to minimize the possibility of stomach upset
  • Be sure to inform the pet resort personnel of any special habits or medical problems your pet may have, such as a history of epilepsy, fear of thunder, etc.  This will aid in keeping your pet healthy and happy
  • Make certain you understand the rate structure for all services and hours of operation. The fee for lodging not only includes the care of your pet but for the peace of mind that goes with knowing that Rover is safe and with someone you can trust
  • Discuss before arriving, any medication or special care your furry baby might need

Talk to us about Doggie Day Care and give your dog something to look forward to every day he or she stays with us!  Discounted stay and play packages are available.