Pet Spa

Pet Spa

Pamper Your Pooch in Kissimmee

We all know bathing is important for the sake of our pet parents’ noses, but did you know it’s important for your pet’s overall health? Regular grooming helps keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, which can prevent issues down the road. While we do not currently have full grooming services, we offer basic grooming such as baths, blow outs, nail trims and other spa options. Our staff can help make your pet look and feel their best by using products that are formulated for their unique needs, such as shampoo to eliminate external parasites or conditioner that helps alleviate dry, itchy skin. Whether your pet is staying in our dog boarding suites, or you are just stopping by for dog daycare, we will be happy to take care of your pet grooming needs. We even do cats too!

Poodle after grooming
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Large dog getting a bath

Spa Options

  • BBN – wash, dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning
  • Basic Bath and Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Nail Trim (cut or grind)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Tooth Brushing

*All grooming pricing is based on breed, size, and coat type. We’ll happily provide an estimate over the phone when you schedule your pet’s appointment, but final pricing is provided when we meet you and your pet. We require proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccinations for dogs and Rabies and Distemper vaccinations for cats.


Need Expert Grooming?

We’ve got a full-time experienced groomer for all your pet’s pampering needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!