Other Pet Boarding

Other Pet Boarding

We Board Other Pets Too!

Bass Pet Resort & Spa offers overnight boarding for cats, birds, bunnies, ferrets, turtles, bearded dragons, and other domesticated pets in the Kissimmee area. Rates are determined by your pet's breed, scheduled services, time of year and availability. Standard lodging includes:

  • A private, climate-controlled room
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Daily customizable meals
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We Deliver Amenities to Expect from a Premium Pet Resort

When you bring your dog, cat, or other pet to Bass Pet Resort, you get more than what you would expect from a typical dog kennel or dog boarding facility. At our premium pet resort, your furry companions can experience several amenities and services that are sure to pamper your pets and keep them stress-free until you arrive for pick-up.

Pet Boarding Requirements

We require all pets in our care to be fully vaccinated in accordance with Florida state regulations. Please check with your veterinarian to determine your pet's eligibility for these vaccines; please note that some clinics may have varying schedules for dispensation. To ensure the health and safety of your best friend and the other guests in our care, proof of the following current vaccinations is mandatory before check-in:

 Cat Boarding

  • Feline Distemper, Rinotracheitis, and Calicivirus combination vaccine.
  • Feline rabies vaccine, as the law requires.

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Pet Food

Bass Pet Resort is proud to serve a healthy diet to our guests. We serve Taste of the Wild natural dry food to our feline guests. Owners will need to provide food for all other guests. You are more than welcome to provide your own food, which we encourage.

Personal Belongings

At Bass Pet Resort, we do everything possible to make your best friend's stay as comfortable as possible. You are welcome to bring toys and non-perishable treats for your pet's stay. We ask for your cooperation in limiting the amount of personal belongings to one to two favorite toys, which we will label upon arrival.

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